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What is Yulendar?  

As many Xmas tradictions were taken from pagan origins and mixed I decided to create more paganic  version of  advent calendar. 

Pagan tradicion was to celebrate Yule  - which is winter solistice - 22.12.2019 

Yulendar is 30 days of magic related challenges to make daily. If you do challenge and report it or in our blog comments, or facebook page/event  or on discord you will gain 10 points.  After a week top 3* will get mini-reading.  After  30 days - top 1 wins full detailed reading created for this. Top 2 and 3 wins other kind of created reading.  

Enjoy your challenges!  Please click on image to see details and then "go to the link"

* If there will be many people with the same ammount of points they will be choosen randomly. 

** Readings might be done within 7 days since ending of Yulendar  or 3 since ending of week