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Asuri is vampire doll which is looking for new companion. There is not too much story about her, but she will reveal all her long life to the owner.

She's a cute vampire with a body of porcelain doll. She is little with white skin and long red hairs tied into complicated Victorian braid. Asuri wears long blue dress and black shoes. Character & Abilities

She is very subtle and sensitive to the energy and emotions of humans around her. She's mainly working to make them feel better, but once she will notice they do keep doing the same stuff which isnt good for them she goes a bit mad and can manifest nightmares. She is also a good listener and will help you if you are going to follow her suggestions. She will increase your energy sensitivity, help you with devoloping chakras and your abilities as well as teach you about manipulating dreams and vampiric/blood magic. She can also send nightmares to you enemies and steals their life force.

Contact methods:

Any which would be best for you, mainly dreams and telepathy.