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Saturnian Spirits



Asthophis is fallen saturnian inteligence. He is a spirit born from Saturn energy, yet he couldnt create more deep connection with his own kind. This created his fall,and he joined very brutal and dark path. For long time he was trapped into darkness he had created. Now he had learned his lessons and he wants to try help others to dont make his mistakes.


He is a fire being. Looking like an imp - have human form with huge dragon wings surronded with scales and tail. Also on his head he have horns.

Character & Abilities

He had created his all fall and was blocked in darkness and madness for long time. At times hes very protective and might not allow other spirits to be near you. Hee can have human form, love vanillia incense and can teach about black magic,especially related to the Saturn and its powers. Will also create deeper connection with this planet and teach you about karma, reincarnation and path working. Can also explain blood magic.

Contact methods: Any which would be best for you, mainly in dreams or telepathy, but he will be constantly around.