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Samhain Exclussive!

This offert is available only until 4.11.2019 23:59 GMT+1


Celts believed that Samhain (original name of Halloween) is start of the New Year in their lifes.

Therefo we celebrate it too - and created the special offert.


Tarot Readings:


Three of Light and Dark


This reading is made from 24 cards representing every single aspect of your.

It includes family, ambitions, attachments, shadows and many more.


Meet the Ancestors

Learn about ancestors, who are influencing your life


Past Life Reading

Learn about your past life


Unresolved Karma

Past lifes generates specific karma, thats why you need to find out what is your lesson in this lifetime. This reading help to learn it and say how to complete the issue of past.


Samhain Spread

What you need vs what you fear ... this could be scary ;)


Doubts and Fears

Which doubts and fears needs to be overcomed to create change in your life?


My own Shadow

Learn about your shadow self - which should be brouht to your attention?



Messages from Your passed ones - 20% off


Nightmare Pact - 30% off

Choose one: