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Planetary Lamps - Saturn

Planetary Lamps

This are lamps supposed to look like different plannets. They also have different light options



have 2 options: white light and warm light

Product Size: 19.5x16.5x14.5cm

Input Voltage: 5V


Different Planets

 Have 4 colors options to choose, as well as 2 sizes for each color

Details: Style: 16-color touch switch control

Light color: 16 Color Change

Light watts: 1W

Duration: 6H-12H

Charging time: 3H

Power: Battery, DC

Voltage: 90-260V

Power: 0-5W

Light source: LED lamp

Battery capacity: 1 x 240 mAh lithium battery (built-in)

Max.Power: 5W



Lunar Lamp

THis lamp uses 3D printing technology, and the surface of the moon lamp is very close to the real moon. It have build-in rechargeable battery, can charge on your computer/power bank or charge adaptor etc. Fully charged in 2-4 hours, 8 hours of use.


Lunar Lamp Details:

Brightness: Stepless adjustment

Battery capacity: 1 x 400mAh li-po battery ( built-in )

Charging time:2-4 hours

Working time: 5-8 hours ( depends on brightness )

Power supply: USB DC 5V 1A

This lamp comes in multiple versions



Star Projector

Do you want to have a little comsos light in your home? Do you miss looking at stars? Have your own star projector with different options! Open the shell, change the projection light in a second, and create the cosmos you want ! Two types of power supply. 4 x AAA batteries and USB power to switch, never have to worry about the electricity.


Light source power: 3W

Power supply: 4 x AAA batteries (not included) and USB power supply

Light color: purple, pink, blue

Applicable voltage: 100V-250V,0.5W

Voltage: 90-260V Wattage: 0-5W
Size: 50x50x28mm


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