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Aghos is nephimil - human and angel hybrid. He lived in earth once during old times, as hes very old. Nephilim are rather beings which arent too friendly, as they are soldiers, yet he decided to try and help somebody, to learn and see it as new experience for himself. Description

He is a muscular giant with black hairs and soft brown skin. Mainly he is wearing kind of armour,without anything on his chest.
Character & Abilities

Hes also very sexual being, especially towards women. Can be very protectivy and aggresive, especially when is angry. Nephilim are brutal dark spirits and very easily they are irritated. He can be very caring, but also impatient. Hes a good fighter and a soldier, speciallised in shield making. Aghos is gonna help you with magic and energy working, especially shields and astral fights, but can also help to increase your self believe and self acceptance.He loves blood, and blood magic. Have also form of a crow.

Contact methods:

Any which would be best for you

Price 35$