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LED Candles

Designed to simulate natural candle - but this once can be used anywhere ! 
You can lit it for whole night without risk that you will set your home on fire. 
Our prodduct is flameless, smokeless and safe for children.
There are different shapes and colors - please choose correct one. 
Using  battery, created from polypropylene plastic in shape of cylinder.

Candle itself is white, depending of version  the color of LED might change

  • Important!

    Please  choose correct LED color before buying. Remember that colors on monitor  might be different from original one.  If color isnt listened - it means its yellowish flickering flame. 

    Product is send by our partner - please let us know when you achieve it. 

    For 45 days you are under buyer protection, and if you dont receive the item please contact with us. 

Please choose a candle