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Energy Chakras & Aura

SKU: 364215375135191

Energy & Chakras Reading


This kind of readings shows your energy levels and what might block it. It also states what chakras might need to be worked, to achieve better results with your life. When some chakras are blocked we might get problems in our life without even noticing it. That's why its important to take care of them as much as your aura.


Chakras Opening

If you have problem with opening your chakras, especially 3rd eye we might help with it. But you need to be sure you want it, as it might be unpleasant experience, yet we will try to make all as much as and softly for you.


Aura Scan

his kind of readings shows your aura, also we check if there isn't anything parasitic attached to you and if you have any holes or breaking in it. If so - we deal with it.




    If you wish reading on place - please book appointment, other way we will send you your reading for e-mail. 

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