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Duvets Sets


Sets are available in different sizes - please specify your size. Items included duvet covers + pillow cases. There are also options for fitted sheets, separated items like pillows or duvets etc. depending of style. Please contact us for more informations

Fabric: Microfiber (Fabric is soft and comfortable and no pilling)

Includes: Quilt cover and Pillow case

Soaked in 30 degrees water for 10mins do not fade


Please check your size on diagram and precise it in custom option. 



There are 2 styles of sets: 



Size chart : click here 

Available styles: day of dead, Ace, Cards,Reaper,Goat, Voodoo, Skull,Demon



Size chart: click here

Available options: Fae, Da Vinci, Occult, Celestial, Hand 



Choose one: