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Dreams Guard




Umra had enought of random people using him just because of his untypical abilities. He decided that he wants companion about who he can care and help and expect same from companion.



He is a lesser demonised merkurian Ent, very dark and mostly wear a long red coat. He looks young, but in human years would be around 28. His natural elements are Earth and Darkness


Character & Abilities

Very protective, enjoys and feeds on fear and pain, but would never hurt his companion.Inside is very friendly, soft and caring towards his keeper. He enjoys also Palo Santo incense and like jadeits. His mainly skill is control over dreams. He can bring nightmares to the enemies and create illusions to trap them.He will guard you physically and astrally during sleep, and protect from dangers and enemies


Contact methods

Pendulum, Telepathy, Sigil or Drreams

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