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Angels are spirit made from light or dark. There is many species of theirs, yet all have wings and are quite easy to recognise. They used to watch over humans. 


List of angels to conjure: 







Clàire is angel made of light. She is adult by now.  There is no story behind her decision, she just keeps looking upon humans and decided to help them. 



She is adult, have shoulder lenght blonde wavy hairs, light eyes. Her wings are white and fluffy.  She appears in greek style dress, having lute with her. 


Character & Abilities

She loves poetry and music. She can help increasing your creativity. From character sheH is very calm, soft and serious. She doesn't like unnecessary conflicts, yet she can be funny and land joyfull. Her companion should love beauty of her soul. She is very talkative but would be awesome listener when you will need it. She can  teach poetry and music and working with light, as much as creating light shields. She have very melodic voice and likes to sing. 


Contact methods:

She have a sigil, she will be around, can talk over tarot and telepathy. She can visit dreams.