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  • Rael

The Hanged Man

Updated: Mar 16

I personally find this card quite brutal. Yet I think about it as a positive one (of course when it's not reversed). Why? What you noticr your strength, you still want to make it growing to the bigger form. It might feels w bit senseless, yet it's more natural. You are strong and you keep growing so you could create better future. The hanged man itself speaks about sacrifice. You believe in yourself to the point when you aren't scared of making the biggest and the hardest sacrifices. You sacrifice yourself, your ideas and believes in order to achieve something much not great. The unspoken question here is very simple - Are you willing to do it ? Are you willing to put everything on one card when you don't know get will happen next? The question is yours o answer. In fact most people gets stuck on this part of journey. Sadly they don't understand that sacrifice is needed. You went over pretty long way..now the choice is yours.

The reserved meaning shows that you made your choice and you aren't going to move. Maybe you are afraid or maybe you simply wants to achieve something but you don't want to pay for it. It's why you are stuck right ? Deep inside you do know there can't be gain without payment. There is always a price.

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