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The Devil

Updated: Mar 16

The devil card is both curse and blessing. It shows that you keep me working on the darker side of yourself. After all corruption and darkness is always around you on this realm. When you get a little, you are tempted to get more and more. The temptation of evil have many forms. It is soft whisper on you ear. From the other side it helps you realise one very important thing. It's showing you your weaknesses and the dark side of you. When you realise it, you will see the blessing of this card and understand what you need to work at. Look and meet your dark side. See what's whispering from depths of your soul. Meet your shadow self and be stronger than the devil himself. Look at the mirror and become the devil which you see.

Once you will meet your shadow self and become one, you will move away.

The reserved meaning is more pleasant. It shows that you removed already all your shackles and relased yourself from devil.

As you did it, to gained more understanding and created another big step into your brighter future.

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