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Updated: Mar 16

Last card we had described was Wheel of Fortune.

Now after learning about movements of wheel, which we can create and receive what is destined for us we go to card named Strenght. After all ours experience, since we became the path of Fool we finally understand our experiences - why they are happening in specific way and for specific reasons, doesn't matter if they are positive or negative. Now it all shape us into total other and stronger being than we were on start of our path. All what happened made us stronger and shaped our character and this is true meaning of the Strenght.

On same way reserved card will mean that you dont see the strenght of yourself. You look at yourself as you are weak and can't achieve anything and so you keep being stuck on current place.

To change this you might need to look from other perspective at youself and your life and see what you need to change.

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