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Increasing Abilities Ritual

Its one of my old created rituals, from times when I was starting with occult.

I had decided to share it, so you might take a look about our meditation alike rituals (now after years of practice, they are way better, trust me)

Sit comfortable and close your eyes. When you are comfortable, slowly inhale… and exhale, and allow yourself to relax. Slowly inhale, as deeply and comfortably as you can… and exhale, releasing all of the tension in your body. Continue to breathe slowly, and deeply. With every breath you take, you become more relaxed. Breathe slowly… breathe deeply. As you continue to breathe, become aware of your body. As you inhale, become aware of the muscles in your face and neck, and as you exhale, feel all of the tension in your head slip away. Breathing ever more slowly, become aware of your shoulders. As you exhale, allow all feeling in your arms to disappear. As you inhale deeply, feel your chest slowly rise, and as you exhale, allow all sensation from your breast upward, to completely vanish. Inhale slowly, and as you exhale, feel the last remaining feeling in your hands and arms to slip away. With every breath, you become more and more relaxed. As you breathe, become aware of your stomach and back, and as you exhale, feel all tension leave you. Every muscle fiber loosens, with each slow, deep breath. Now become aware of your pelvis and hips. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, all feeling melts away. As you inhale, become aware of your thighs, and as you exhale, let go of all physical sensation. Breathe deeply, and become aware of you knees and your calves. Exhale, and let all feeling leave you. You are now more relaxed than ever. Now be ome aware of your ankles, and your feet. As you inhale, feel the last remnants of physical sensation, and as you exhale, allow them to slip away. You are now free of your physical body… allow yourself to slowly fall backward and inward into your own mind. Slowly, your mind drifts deeper into itself… until all imagery and thought drift away… and you reach the black void of infinite possibility. Finally, you come to a place of quite and calm. You are surrounded by nothingness. Here, you alone have the power to create.You see and ancient hall. You go over it and find yourself in ancient temple. Everything is dark, but you feel peacefull and calm, while you notice few torches burning in corners of it. Look into details of the temple ; there is altar, with 2 columns of tigers next to it. On the walls are ancient symbols and pictures, look at them and see what else you can notice. In the middle of temple you see strange symbol - join it and put your hand into the symbol. It turns out into pillar of white energy. put your hands over it. You feel your energy arise in your body and connect with it.

Now remember the sigil you had painted and feel your hand on the paper. See it flashing just before of your hands in the temple . push it into the pillar to access it. You feel more peacefull than ever. You create a

ball of energy which is clean and pure light. Feel it going over your crown chakra… feel its energy going into your chakra and slowly moving down into third eye. Feel it and spread it around your head and third eye. Move it into your ears and push back.Feel your 3rd eye empowered and move it into back of your head and back into it. Feel it moving into your throat chakra and energy empowers it and moves slowly down to your heart chakra. It empowers it and moves over all your chest, then it moves slowly down to your solar plexus. Feel clean energy moving there and empowering and going down to your sacral chakra. It feels empowered and moves down into your root chakra where you feel it empowered and vibrating, then energy is leaving your body. You see yourself next to the pilar of energy. Leave it and find yourself into old hall. Follow it back until you will find yourself in the black void. Now float back into your body, and breathing very slowly and

deeply, begin to become aware of your physical sensations. Become aware of the soles of your feet. Breathe deeply, and become aware of your ankles and calves. Slowly become aware of your legs… your thighs… your pelvis… and breathe. Become aware of your stomach and hands… your arms… your chest. Breathe deeply and become aware of your shoulders… and your neck. Inhale slowly. Exhale slowly. Become aware of your face… your head. Feel the sensation returning to every cell in your body. Inhale deeply, and as you exhale you will be fully conscious of your physical body. Now slowly open your eyes, and rub the palms of your hands together until you feel awake and alert