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Ego and the self..why should you want to kill it? 

Updated: Mar 16

The first thing you are gonna have in mind after reading the title of this is probably why I write of killing yourself. I don't. The death of ego is something way else than killing yourself. What it is then? Keep reading and let me explain.

What is the ego ?

The term of ego has been created by father of psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud.

His main model of personal structures describes 3 parts of personality.

Id - which is based on your inner insticts. It's responsible for all your behaviours related to the basic survivor mode - food, safety, reproduction.

The last part of this system is superego.

Superego is over ego. It doesn't care about self but more about society. It contains all your morality, your higher state of conciousness. It's holding id to don't focus just on things it wants, and expand itself to calm down the ego.

So finally what is ego ?

Ego is "me" or "myself". All I want, all I feel, all I want to achieve. It forces you to be better and keep growing, it attach you to have things and use them. Let's give us example - you have computer, but with time it goes slower. Your ego is telling you to get new one instead of using old one. Your ego wants more and more. It's main thing related to rivalisation as you want to be better than others, have more than them and become selfish at this point. It cares about having more than being. Also ego creates kind of mental ventilation system for you. In case you had been hurted it can force you to forget things or memories. Actually most of reactions which happens to humans after sort of trauma is created by ego. The fact that somebody have amnesia, doesn't speak or eat for days and so on is kind of security system when your ego overreacted and blocked you from the external world to deal with the pain. It can also push unwanted emotions and feelings, as well as memories and gifts in your unconscious mind, creating the shadow self. The ego itself is your conciousness,this what you think, believe in and who you are. It's affected by both - id and superego which are influencing it to do things. This is the battle of pleasure vs responsibility, the battle about good and evil as some might name it.

What is the death of ego? It sounds scary!

It might be scary, as it depends of person who is causing it upon themselves.

The death of ego is causing you to forget about yourself and all you want for some time. You don't remember who you are, neither you do remember anything related to the human conciousness, yet it's connecting you deeper with the astral plane. It allows you to unblock your mind and your abilities. The death of ego isn't something permanent, so you don't need to be worried about actually forgetting who you are and why you are doing things.

Why would you want to kill your ego ?

Cause it's removing you from being focused about self. It allows you to be focused more on divine beings, connects you with spirits, empowers you and remove any attachments you had, and allows you to care for othets. If you had addictions or people,things which weren't serving you and we're stopping you down, then the death of ego will remove connection to them. It serves its own purpose during your evolution and allows you to progress faster. It's not painful, it might bring visions and voices and many other occult related things. You could find that it's easier for you to see or hear spirits around you. That you are more connected to your higher self (which I believe is actually your superego)

Then the final question - how can I cause it?

There is many ways to do it. Some spirits can cause it, you can use some hallucinogens to cause it such as LSD. (Which we believe isn't safe option that's why we don't suggest trying it). There is also ritual on our website which can cause you the death of ego - Visit Death

This is one time visit into Death realm and its pretty intense.During this visit you are gonna receive ego death, shatter the illusions around yourself and empower yourself.

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