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Updated: Mar 16

When you finally move from your sacrifice you start to noticthe changes. They will be simple on start, but with time you will see one thing - that they were worth it's sacrifice. Changes are approaching you as you keep free yourself from illusions and everything which was stopping you from your own evolution. Sadly most of people see this card as something very negative or even as physical death, while I'm fact it just shows you being reborn. You become a phoenix which is die and arise from death to become stronger every time. Same happen to your soul when you grow. You change and it's brutal and hard change as you no longer vibrate with same people, like same things or simply change your opinions. With time you will notice that less people is around you, which is both - blessing and curse.

When death become reversed it also means changes...but this ones are more slow and stagnant. They wi change with time but it wk take more and more time to achieve what you want. But maybe the slower way is needed for you ?

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