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Changes, changes and...changes!

Updated: Mar 16

Thank You for being with us!

Thanks to You we keep growing more and more.

We decided to reorganise a bit our shop and you can find 3 specific categories for it.

Spiritual shop

Here you can find all energy working items, readings and many more

Spirit Conjures

This are our spirits which could be conjured in a moment. In fact there is more spirits around us and we didnt listened all of them - so if you look for other spirit or more specific just let us know.

Physical Items

Our new idea - Physical Items related to magic and occultims. You can find here everything... and its gonna grow on nearest days!

Also to celebrate Yule and growing of our shop we created short time offert.

Check the Yule Suprise - Faeries hidden some nice presents near their temple...so choose a number and see what suprise it holds!

Its available unti 28th only! Hurry up!

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